Objectives of the school

Virtual Prototyping is generally recognized as a practice potentially useful for the reduction of the development costs of industrial products. A Virtual Prototype is an anticipation of a product shape-function that does not exist in reality yet, but that appears and behaves as it were real. Therefore, a Virtual Prototype interactively simulates how a product looks like, how it works, how users use it, etc. Research outcomes of recent years and the enormous improvements in price and performances in computer technology, have enabled the realization of complex Virtual Prototypes integrating real-time, immersive or augmented, visual interaction, as well as haptic and sonic interaction.

The construction of effective Virtual Prototypes requires interdisciplinary competences, which go beyond engineering and IT disciplines, and include crucial disciplines related to human aspects such as human factors, human perception and cognition, ergonomics, usability etc.

The aim of the Summer School is to create a contact and a discussion point for international researchers and Ph.D. students interested in theoretical issues, methods, techniques, technologies and practices related to Virtual Prototyping.
Specifically, the second edition of the school will focus on the following topics:
- VR/AR technologies and applications, networked virtual applications
- Multimodal Interaction, Haptic and Sonic interaction
- Haptic technologies, and haptic interfaces design
- Human perception and cognition in computer interactions


The second edition of the Summer School will be held in the Virtual Prototyping laboratory of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Politecnico di Milano on September 21-24. The School will begin in the afternoon of September 21st and will end at the end of the morning of September 24th. The students that will arrive in the morning of the first day will be invited to visit the labs of our research group.

The School will host seminar talks given by international researchers, experts in various It and human-related disciplines to use in Virtual Prototyping.

The maximum number of students admitted to Virtual Prototyping Summer School is 25.

The participation fee is set at € 400 and includes lunches, coffee breaks, dinner and educational materials. Participation is by registration sent via e-mail to the organizer together with a presentation letter, Francesco Ferrise (mail: francesco.ferrise@polimi.it).

Download the call.